Published On: Wed, Oct 9th, 2013

Celebration OF German Unity Day at RIS


German Unity Day was celebrated with full zeal and fervor at Roots International Schools with His Excellency Mr. Cyrill Nunn gracing the occasion as the Chief Guest.

The occasion started with the Recitation of Holy Quran and students conducted the event in the English and German language as a symbol of harmony between Pakistan and Germany. Students performed with mega vehemence and delight building the strong ties of warmth and compassion between the two states.

Mr. Walid Mushtaq CEO RIS hosted the occasion and welcomed the guests in a pleasant way, appreciating their precious time and consideration of invitation. He also appreciated the time they took out for the students of RIS.

High level of participation was exhibited by students of RIS who were ready to win hearts of their esteemed guests with their love for the language and culture. Audience could feel the rays of sparkling impulses creating an interface of two backgrounds.

Mr. Walid Mushtaq during his welcome speech said, that RIS wants to connect the world virtually, by introducing languages in Real Time to promote cultural harmony, trade and investments initiatives. The collaboration with Goethe Insitute and Parsche has proved to be a great help in making the languages department of RIS a huge success reaching the enrollment of 2000 students by now. He added that RIS is striving to spread global diversity and believe in unification of nations. Further he said that, in order to succeed the students should bring down all the barriers and stand united in their cultures.

An influx of creativity and unification was shaped by Rootsians bridging the gaps in global diversity, constructing a pathway to a united and peaceful world. Action-packed performances by the youth enthralled its viewers plugging the atmosphere with rounds of applause and gestures of appreciation.

The junior students of RIS dresses up in all the diverse flamboyant cultures in the Pakistan and exhibited their customs through innocent gestures.

His Excellency Mr. Cyrill Nunn in his speech thanked the faculty and CEO RIS for such a colorful event. He said, ‘I am astonished to see such a huge number of students studying German Language in Pakistan. But it is possible because the two states share a lot in common. To name a few are the qualities of Resilience, creativity and forwardness. We Germans are proud to be your partner and being in RIS is just like being in Germany!’

Huge number of dignitaries embraced the occasion with their presence and boosted the morale of the participants with their claps and smiles.

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