Published On: Tue, Jan 30th, 2018

Telenor the Highest Tax Payer of Telecom Sector in Pakistan



According to the report from sustainable policy development institute (SDPI), Telenor a leading service provider in the telecom sector has paid the highest amount of tax. It was reported that Telenor has paid Rs. 3.7 billion in direct taxes for the year 2015-16. While according to Telenor it has in terms of direct and indirect taxes paid Rs. 275 billion to the national exchequer.

SDPI has furnished the details on taxpayers from latest tax data compiled and provided by the federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR). SDPI has analyzed around 79,728 different companies on board with FBR and securities exchange commission of Pakistan (SECP).

It was mentioned in the reports that Rs.484 billion was sum collected as income tax from tax fillers in 2015-16. Rs.1,191 billion was collected by FBR as a total direct tax.  32,943 companies paid no tax while, 46,785 companies paid taxes. Around one billion in tax revenue was contributed by 66 companies and associations making it a total of Rs.231 billion.

The report provided that in terms of highest proportion, banks paid the most tax, followed by the energy sector. Telecom and tech were on number forth, among the highest taxpayers in the country. SDPI report illustrated that, out of 939 filers of the tax return in telecom and tech sector, 4 paid taxes of over rupees one billion, while 12 paid around 100 million. Among these 358 paid no tax.

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