Published On: Thu, Jun 16th, 2016

The Zarb e Azb renders Afghanistan Pakistan border clashes


afghanistan pakistan border clashes

Lt Gen Asim Saleem Bajwa who is the Director General inter service public relations marked the second anniversary of the Zarb e Azb operation on Wednesday that has brought forward a much terror free country including North Waziristan that has been cleared of 3,600 sq km area from about 900 Lashkar-e-Islam terrorists.

Hence all these operations including Operation Kinetic and even Shawal has been cleared of terrorism without any biasness as promised in the 15th June started missionary operation. The media has been told that the Pakistan Army has recovered American troops bought modern weapons from many of these terrorists besides 253 tons of explosives that would easily suffice 15 years in the IEDs and 7500 bomb making factories in Shawal.

About 992 hideouts have been destroyed while 3500 terrorists have been killed losing 490 patriotic soldiers in the process as Pakistan is not ready to harbor any terrorist on its soil at any cost at all. More than 1200 terrorists have been arrested from Karachi which is why the security there has improved as well.

When asked about Kulbhushan Yadav’s recent arrest (Indian Navy officer and agent or RAW), Bajwa say that this is the very first time since the WWII that another country’s serving officer has been caught while RAW agents and Afghan agents from tribal regions have already been caught by the Pak Army as well.

The PM as well as the whole country has acknowledged that Zarb e Azb has definitely broken the backbone of terrorists in Pakistan while elevating the peace conditions in the country at the same time. The PM on the second anniversary remarked that the nation which had been taken over by terrorists and anti stat elements is now again in peace and terrorism will soon be history just due to this operation.

The tension between Afghanistan and Pakistan along the Torkham border was due to unprovoked firing by Afghanistan which was replied in a kind manner. According to the DG ISPR not even an inch of the Pakistani soil was offered to Afghanistan with respect to the Angoor Adda check post which is still in its area but has been handed over to Afghanistan after the government’s consensus as Pakistan is also in talks with Afghanistan to solve all issues.

Drone strikes have never been acceptable in the country which is what Bajwa has also confirmed again. Saying that it’s a long fight and even this journey has been reached after a long fight as well.

The Zarb e Azb operation is no doubt an everlasting tale of bravery, hard work, dedication, patriotism, courage, sacrifice and all other worthy traits by the human race ever and is given the decision to go ahead by the whole nation including the Army which has been held with full confidence for the future as well.

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