Published On: Sat, Jan 6th, 2018

Suspension of Security Aid to Pakistan, Trump Not Satisfied with Islamabad


Suspension of security aid to Pakistan

The recent tweet from Trump that had sparked a strong reaction from civil and military leadership in Pakistan, once again with another announcement has fuelled the already hostile situation. This time the US regime has decided Suspension of security aid to Pakistan. As they are accused of not meeting the objectives against the assistance furnished.

The Suspension of security aid to Pakistan is subject to lack of commitment to curbing terrorism in region while, a strong rhetoric is circulating among the masses that, thousands of innocent lives have been laid down by Pakistani people to eradicate terrorism, the US being the main stakeholder is undermining the loss of lives and sacrifices of men and material alike.

It later came from Heather Nauert, spokesperson of the state department that, now onwards funds would be granted for the specific purpose and will be furnished once the objectives are met.

Pakistan is reluctant to take steps to diffuse terrorism and they must exhibit a commitment to take due action against Taliban, an extremist group responsible for carrying out terrorist activities and inflicting harm upon US personnel.

Half of $700 million for coalition support fund is already held by US government, this fund was to be furnished against the role of Pakistan in supporting US interest in the Afghan war. Also, $225 million in the name of foreign military financing, pledged for military equipment’s and training is suspended.

The defense department is also looking forward according to Heather Nauert, to suspend other aids as well but it’s yet to be known. Trump is seeking more cooperation from Islamabad in lieu of assistance but as it’s already been communicated by Pakistan that now we will not do anything against ‘Do More’ call.

Beside mounting pressure from India and Afghanistan, which Pakistan pro-actively has retaliated in past, trump’s administration can put other cuts as well, most likely, removal from Non-Nato allies list and declare Pakistan as a state sponsor of terrorism.

US has also created a special kind of Watchlist that includes states that are turning a blind eye toward violation of religious freedom but are not at the level of Countries of particular concern or CPC as it is called. Pakistan is the only country so far included by the US in this list. Also, Commission on international religious freedom of US is recommending from a long time to include Pakistan’s name in CPC list but so far no decision has been taken in this regard.

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