Published On: Tue, Jul 11th, 2017

Shell Pakistan Imposed Fine by Government


Shell Pakistan Imposed FineAccording to the latest news, government of Pakistan has concluded that Shell Pakistan was responsible for the oil tanker blast that claimed more than 200 lives in Ahmed Pur East last month. Hence, Shell Pakistan imposed fine of huge amount by government.

The oil regulatory authority (OGRA) imposed $2.4 million or Rs. 257 million fines on the company for the damages and compensation for the tanker blast.

OGRA’s report stated that the Shell Pakistan was responsible for the blast because of the insufficient security measures and substandard specifications of the vehicle that was carrying the fuel.

The OGRA report said that the incident occurred because of the driver being non-professional and the vehicle being lesser than required specs.

A Shell Pakistan spokesperson just released a statement on OGRA’s report:

Shell Pakistan is presently reviewing the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority report in detail.

It would be unhelpful to speculate on factors that may have contributed to the incident whilst other investigations are still ongoing, but we respect the role of the regulator and will consider the report as we cooperate with investigations by authorities and as we conduct our own investigation.

Shell Pakistan is one of the largest oil distribution companies in the country, operating in several markets. Pakistan is considered as one of the safest countries for Shell International among the top countries.

A Shell Pakistan oil tanker met an accident and was sidetracked last month, the locals poured in at the place to fill buckets of leaked oil.

The tanker caught fire because of a cigarette being tossed carelessly, breaking the fire and burning everyone on site. More than 200 families were left mourning that day.

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