Published On: Fri, Jan 19th, 2018

Policy from Interior Ministry Allows Armored Vehicles for Citizens Above 25


Armored Vehicles for Citizens

Alright folks, if you have some handsome rather very handsome amount of money on your safe side and you really were looking for some chance to grandiose your collection of vehicles or maybe you are concerned of your safety. So, Interior ministry has announced the policy which allows citizens above the age of 25 to import modify or own armored vehicles. it demands the owner to be of sane and sound plus they should be booked on any criminal charges or maybe under investigation for any activity under codes of misconduct and behavior. It is also required that they must have the national identity card, a national tax number and should not have prior authorization of any armored vehicles.

It is also clearly indicated in the policy regarding Armored Vehicles for Citizens, that those who apply and had paid more than Rs 10 million in taxes will be given due priority. And the authorization will be issued within 10 days after all requirements are fulfilled. This will be applicable to all the interested parties including, armoring companies, foreign missions etc.

The policy dictates that if the authorization acquired was not used for a complete year it will be deemed expire and also, states that the aforementioned policy is applied on all citizens irrespectively, excluding the vehicles of armed forces of Pakistan.

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