Published On: Mon, Jan 2nd, 2017

Pakistanis require valid passport and visa for traveling to Afghanistan now


traveling to afghanistan

Traveling to Afghanistan is not the same easy way anymore. This is because the authorities shall now ask for a Pakistani passport from Pakistanis wishing to cross the Torkham border.

Thus, these entering people must have a valid passport and visa if they wish to enter Afghanistan. The announcement was made through loud speakers in the surrounding bordering areas. There were also banners displayed for the same in nearby crowded areas for awareness. Shamsul Islam is a political tehsildar who says that these have been imposed since 1st January 2017. He added that only those who meet all requirements after thorough check shall be allowed as there stand no exceptions.

The reason

The measures have been taken because many Afghans were detained as they possessed fake Pakistani Computerized National Identity Cards (CNICs). However, it’s not the first time for the restrictions. Earlier, the CNIC was mandatory for traveling to Afghanistan but they were relaxed due to certain internal policies.

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For the current setting Shinwari tribal people do not require the same. It is because they already have temporary Rahdari cards by the Khyber Agency. These cards are already obtained after through verification has been done so these people are excluded. About 4000 cards have been issued from September 2015 till date. They are also renewed after 6 months to ensure their credibility.

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