Published On: Thu, Dec 29th, 2016

Online degree attestation in HEC to check for authenticity too


online degree attestation in hec

Not only has technology embarked high but fake degree makers have also become very vigilant. This is why the need for attestation has increased more than ever. Thus, online degree attestation in HEC (Higher Education Commission) has started.

In this way more and more people shall be accessible to getting their degree attested and away from fake degree clutches. An online system has been approved. This will also attest the degree besides checking them for authenticity too. So, the recognition of all degrees, diplomas, and certificates can be determined for equivalence. This applies to all abroad and within Pakistan gained entitlements.

The process

Applicants need to upload their academic credentials and identity documents to the system. Here the system shall check the information by contacting NADRA and PQR database. The legitimacy will also be checked by the Controller of Examinations who shall have access to them too. The documents in case of being authentic are then attested and contacted to the applicant then.

PQR also known as the Pakistan Qualification Register has a database of universities. It contains all information about programs, titles, levels, etc for evaluation. The system is also linked to NADRA but if the degree is not in PQR then it won’t be attested. This way any fake degrees will be known for elimination well.

For the first time the Controller of Examinations shall also take part to play a crucial role for the same. He would have the control to view the uploaded document copies of all certificates, degrees, etc including provisionals too. The verification shall take place within 24 hours. In case of no reply from universities, they shall be emailed to complete the process as early as possible.

The new process is the best way for degree authenticity for being attested. However, it is not known if the process is compulsory for already attested degrees or not, or if job applications will require these attestations or not? The implications for fake degrees have also not been known yet. The details for these once given shall surely give a strong measure for improvement in the sector.

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