Published On: Tue, Oct 10th, 2017

New Management of PIA in Action


new management of PIAThe new management of Pakistan Airlines (PIA) has been given a green signal by the government and board of directors to cut down the cost. Under this direction the new management of PIA has put an end to direct flights to USA. Furthermore, extra employees will also be laid off.

The new management of PIA has already sacked the head of Human Resource department . Furthermore, it is believed that a list of surplus employees is expected to be made, which  will  be presented to the board of governors and then decision about them will  be made.
It is anticipated that approximately around 1500 employees have been over-hired. The surplus employees will be adjusted in departments according to the number of vacancies and educational background and others most probably will be dismissed.
The new management of PIA also plans to cut down costs through flight operations. Under this scheme the flight to USA will be withdrawn from October 31, 2017. In the past also decisions have been made to cut down the costs by closing the flights to the USA but due to incurring of losses and other pressures the decisions were reverted.
The flights to USA have been operational since 1961 without any disturbance but the losses has reached up to Rs. 1.25 billion annually. This has instigated the current decision.
After the decision to halt flights to the USA, the new management of PIA plans to make an agreement with an American airline. USA-bound passengers will be flown to London, after that travellers will be shifted to the American airline, which will then fly to the USA.
The new management of PIA and government wants to revamp the falling national carrier, which once was a top airline. PIA is over staffed and also faces many other problems. In order to save PIA from declining further, it was essential that strong measures were taken to raise the national carrier to new heights again.

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