Published On: Mon, Jul 31st, 2017

Chaudhry Nisar National Assembly Seat’s Decision?


Chaudhry Nisar National AssemblyOn the much-awaited press conference Chaudhry Nisar national assembly seat was announced to be left after the Panamagate verdict, however later on he took the decision back after being convinced by his political peers.

He mentioned that his decision was regardless of the Panamagate verdict being for or against the party and his heart was no longer in politics.

At the beginning of the press conference, Chaudhry Nisar mentioned that it was going to be a difficult one for him.

He spoke about his 33-year association with the party, conspiracies within the ruling PML-N, and his disillusionment with politics.

He praised the former Prime Minister throughout his press conference referring to him as a humble and great leader, along with some advice.

He said that he was urged to speak about the Panamagate case, although it wasn’t something to be spoken about but there are certain times when the air needs to be cleared, he added that he wanted his 20-25 years juniors to learn from his experiences. He said that he mentioned a few things in the cabinet meeting which were misinterpreted and misrepresented and he wanted to clarify those along with expressing more of his opinions on record.

He added that he wasn’t angry with his party, and he was also not among the opportunists who would leave the party in a difficult time after proving his loyalty for 33 years. However, he told that things had changed over the last few months and he had suddenly been excluded from PML-N’s cabinet meetings, he didn’t know the reason of it and later on he himself stopped attending the meetings even if he was invited.

He said that many people warned him against his behavior and informed him that he would miss the train, to which he responded that he had been on that train since the beginning however, he had been victimized by internal politics of the party as he was close to the leadership and was blunt in expressing his views about people on their face. He informed that the PML-N senior leaders asked him to refrain from the press conference but he was bound to do it.

He said that he loved Mian Nawaz Sharif and the party that he had brewed with love but he couldn’t find the same people around who helped create the party, some had left the party and others, this world.

His words echoed when he said that he had given 33 years of his life to the party and it was very difficult for him to leave the party and there was nothing bigger than that in his life.

He further added that he always spoke truth to Nawaz Sharif and never said anything that he didn’t mean. He said he was like the Roman Ceaser’s advisers who would whisper ‘Ceaser, you’re human’, and he did the same for Nawaz Sharif.

He told that he was a victim of a conspiracy to remove him from the consultative process when the party was in its most difficult times.

He went to Mian Sahab and told him that he had always announced the bad news and played the devil’s advocate, to which Mian Sahab responded that he liked that about him and he should speak nothing but truth. He said that despite it happened and people in the cabinet spoke about him and criticized him and he wanted to have answers about this.

Nisar said that although he had strong family and personal ties with the military he had never compromised in civilian supremacy.

He explained his position due to the ever-revolving rumors about him being the army man, he said that any general could be questioned whether he had ever tried to sacrifice civilian rule for his political gains.

He repeated that any military or intelligence leader could be asked if he had ever attempted to undermine the government political gain.

He said that it embarrassed him to watch the news and made him question the politics nowadays. He added that the people kept abusing and put allegations on each other and politics had become a torture where people had forgotten to be civil.

He said he wasn’t a conspirator so he couldn’t indulge himself in such politics and his heart was no longer in it. He suggested that he would have to define certain parameters of his involvement’s extent in the politics.

He clearly mentioned that he wasn’t running for the Prime Minister’s race and what was of the utmost importance to him is his character.

Soon after his press conference, the interior ministry spokesperson said that the truth was that the interior minister had adopted a contrary position on some important matters in the PML-N’s internal meetings, after which he was excluded from the consultative process. He added that unless a clarification was provided, it would be challenging to resolve the issue.

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