Published On: Wed, Jan 24th, 2018

Agriculture Productivity of Pakistan Very Low Compared to Worldwide Agriculture Yield


Agriculture Productivity of Pakistan

Agriculture Productivity of Pakistan has been badly affected over the years due to crop yield which is very low if assessed on per hectare yield potential. Pakistan has been rated very low in agriculture productivity by Pakistan business council.

In Pakistan Agriculture is regarded as the economic backbone and it holds around 20% share in the total GDP, according to reports in 2016.

Why Agriculture Productivity of Pakistan has been ranked lowest because it gives 29%-52% of yield i.e. very below the productivity enjoyed by most of the agriculture products worldwide.

In Pakistan, a single hectare giver 3.1 tons of wheat while, one hectare in France produces 8.1 tons and we are just reaping 38% of that what is produced in France. Similarly, we produce 2.5 tons of cotton in one hectare and chine produces 4.8 tons on the single hectare.

Agriculture Productivity of Pakistan

Our Sugarcane productivity is 51% of 125.1 tons produced in Egypt i.e. 63.4 tons from one hectare in Pakistan. Maize production per hectare in France is 11.1 tons while in Pakistan we just produce 41% of that and it sums up to 4.6 tons only. The scenario is same if we talk about rice, US produces 9.2 tons in one hectare but in Pakistan, we are just capable of producing 2.7 tons which is only 29% of production in the US.

With such output level, we are losing the potential of reaping optimal benefits from our agriculture sector and nevertheless, we are no more agriculture intensive country. said by founder Sindh Abadgar Board, Gada Hussain.

We are well aware that agriculture outputs like cotton are sought as input in many industries and if we are producing at this level then we are hindering the production capacity of industries as well, which later translates the burden on prices.

The large chunk of our labor is employed in the agriculture sector and if the sector is flourished it can improve the lives of many hundreds and thousands of people who work for it.

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