Published On: Fri, Mar 18th, 2016

Nintendo’s first smartphone app is all set to make it into the market!


Nintendo's first smartphone app

Nintendo had promised a new Mario type game to its eager users last fall. Meeting its commitments, Nintendo is now all ready to introduce its first ever smart phone app in Japan for a limited time. It is not a Mario game but namely ‘Miitomo is a social application that has cartoon avatars to be represented as users known as the ‘Miis’ that has relatively been in the market for the previous years as their Wii gaming console.

The Miis can be given varied hairdos, clothing, features as well as other accessories etc. They can also be given a nickname and their persona as well as speaking style can be changed as well. The Miis can also be made by the phone’s camera taken as a picture.

You can also buy new items from the game’s store by paying through Miitomo coins earned or purchased with money.

The Miis shall then be the gamer’s profile with new additions in the social tab.

Questions like where you have been or what you like to do or eat etc are then taken from you and shared with others when the meet with other Miis.

The question and answers remain a bit awkward to be played back again but still something for those Nintendo fans and also a starter for Kids who wish to familiarize themselves with social apps before entering larger ones like Facebook, Instagram etc.

The customized photo Miis can also be made unique through different fonts, backgrounds as well as stamps. These can later be shared on other social networking websites too.

The app also incorporates a miniature Miitomo Drop game where the Mii goes into a playing field where it bounces to the bottom pit to land on to a prize that will give you something in the app and not even be achievable through money. Daily bonus shall be given for every day’s play or you could buy through coins if you want to play more every day.

Both Android as well as iOS has gotten their respective app live in Japan now with later reveals in the US soon.

No doubt Nintendo has taken quite some time getting into this market though its Mario line has been too famous to be held by any other company. Nintendo to say has just wasted its time in bad performance Wii U or to say the codenamed ‘NX’ that is soon to hit the market too.

Many other apps are also planned to be revealed over the year as reported to the Wall Street Journal and others. Due to the Mario demand, Mario apps are also being thought of thoroughly but there is no confirmed news for the same as for now.

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