Published On: Wed, Nov 18th, 2015

Kaymu Has Announced to Launch Social Media Platforms for Its Sellers


KaymuE-commerce has developed tremendously in the developed world and has opened countless opportunities for new entrants in this sector. Pakistan, although a developing economy, has also benefited from this trend and many e-commerce ventures have entered the Pakistani market to facilitate buyers and sellers and open up new avenues to generate revenue.

Pakistan is on its way to be an integral part of the digital revolution that has been taking place worldwide. With the introduction of 3G and 4G technology and increased smartphone penetration, this sector in Pakistan is bound to experience success.

In order to succeed in diverse e-commerce landscape of the country, startups and ventures need to adopt policies and strategies that not only facilitate the buyers but also sellers. Many online marketplaces are offering new ways to shop for products and services in Pakistan, such as Kaymu and foodpanda. offers consumers a unique online shopping experience. It is a platform that brings together buyers and sellers and facilitate them in making great deals due to its fixed pricing system. Kaymu has worked extensively to improve the buyer experience and in order to do so, they offer easy modes of payment, for instance, Cash on Delivery and deliver the product at the buyers’ doorsteps.

However, when a venture is so committed to provide superior online shopping experience to its buyers it often ends up overlooking its sellers. In order to facilitate the sellers, Kaymu has recently introduced an idea that has garnered a lot of attention from the business community. It has announced to launch social media platforms, such as Facebook shop, for its sellers.

Currently Kaymu has more than 15000 sellers selling their products on its online marketplace. In order to increase the revenue of the sellers and increase their sales, it now offers its sellers the option to set up their own social media platform. Now the sellers can display their Kaymu shop on their personal Facebook page.

The question that arises is what are the benefits of this move for the sellers? The sellers can enjoy a range of benefits, firstly their products will be marketed to a larger audience through social media channels. Social media can play a critical role in success of any venture and its reach is beyond one’s imagination. Every individual is using social media not only to stay connected to their family and friends, but also to shop for a variety of different products. Secondly, Facebook shops will enable potential buyers to know what is being sold by a seller via Kaymu.
This move by Kaymu has received a positive response from buyers and they have already started setting up their Facebook shop. In order to succeed in this growing e-commerce sector, ventures need to come up with smart strategies for both the buyers and sellers. Kaymu has shown its commitment towards facilitating buyers and sellers in more than thirty countries across Europe, Africa and Asia. In Pakistan Kaymu has played a crucial part in developing the flourishing e-commerce industry.

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