Published On: Thu, Feb 18th, 2016

5G the new speed is here and the guide is here as well!



The internet is evolving day by day, long gone are the days of internet dial-ups as the days to speedy internet are coming up every day.

There is no doubt that internet speed has doubled over the years since 2007 according to the National Cable and Telecommunications Association.

Even mobile internet isn’t far away from this when talked about.

Norwegian telecom provider TeliaSonera and communications technology company, Huawei announced last year in partnership to provide 4.5G coverage with Oslo becoming the world’s fastest mobile internet connection provider. Six years prior to this, two companies had launched the first 4G network which was obviously the world’s fastest then but quite slow now comparatively.

While 4G is also no less but it is always the need for more that 5g is soon to make its debut for Huawei and others are on readily on it.

Here’s 5 things important to be known for 5 G:

Internet of Things (IoT) freedom:

With every day appliances linked to sensors and web connectivity all such things are connected to be limited towards hoe. This 5g shall provide full freedom to break boundaries to stay within the limits of Wi-Fi network.

The IoT shall soon be mobile with the advent of 5G technology then.

Substantial Investment

According to what South-Korean government predicts, it shall require about $1.5 billion for research and innovation purposes till 2018. After all changing a whole technology has its price then!

Grainy profit

There are considerable gains from the implementation of 5g to economies of countries like UK, Italy, Sweden and Hungary. It has been estimated that comparing from what is being given now, larger limits and faster speeds of outdoor 5G shall give a growth of 2.7 billion Euros till 2028.

Necessity grounds

The internet has so rapidly been growing that 5G shall ultimately turn into a necessity rather than a commodity or luxury. When 5G has been implemented, the networks shall be 100 times more than what it was at the times of 4g and to manage that 5G shall become more of a necessity rather than a luxurious commodity.

Wi-Fi independency

When downloaded on a 3G connection and 8GB HD movie takes about 70 minutes to download hence you’d rather use a Wi-Fi hotspot. But with the advent of 5g, its only 6 seconds and you’re good to go with your movie. One would rather be away from Wi-Fi and use 5g internet hence becoming Wi-Fi free.

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