Published On: Tue, Dec 24th, 2013

Wateen to Provide Connectivity for 110 More Branches of UBL

Corporate News (Pakistan News) Wateen

Corporate News (Pakistan News)

UBL showed trust in Wateen to provide network connectivity to 110 more of its branches. Wateen has been providing fiber and wimax connectivity to 250 branshes of UBL since 2007 through its extensive fiber network across the country.

This decision was made after UBL decided to digitize its branch network with the increase in the demand of financial applications by the banking sector. This will help UBL to serve its customers more efficiently and precisely.

At the moment the subject branches are active over legacy technology and now will be upgraded with Wateen’s latest connectivity network, that is the most advanced medium available.

Naeem Zamindar, CEO Wateen Telecom, said “The financial services industry is at an inflection point as the gradual adoption for cloud based services takes place. High-speed data transfers, data hungry applications and software as well as security and surveillance solutions would require fiber based connectivity for which Wateen is the ideally suited partner.”

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