Published On: Tue, Jan 7th, 2014

Saudi Arabia may Lift Ban on Pakistan Poultry



Corporate News (Pakistan News) Pakistan Poultry

Corporate News (Pakistan News)

A four-member technical delegation of Saudi Food and Drug Authority brought good news for the poultry industry along with its visit to Pakistan with the expression of satisfaction over the standard of Poultry products in Pakistan.

Due to bird flue disease in 2005, Saudi Arabia suspended the import of eggs and day-old chicks from Pakistan. Pakistan’s Poultry sector was suffered a huge blow after this suspension as

Poultry’s contribution to agriculture is 5.76 per cent while poultry meat contributes to 26.8pc of the total meat production in the country.

The Saudi delegation visited several poultry farms, the National Reference Laboratory for Poultry Diseases and the National Veterinary Laboratory in Islamabad after which they expressed satisfaction over their standards. After these visits the delegation held a meeting with the Ministry of National Food Security and Research in order to discuss the potential for poultry trade between the two countries. This was a clear indication of the intention of Saudi Arabia to lift the ban that was placed back in 2005.

Secretary, National Food Security, Seerat Asghar placed light on the efforts made by Pakistan since 2008 in order to fight the bird flue disease. He mentioned that Pakistan had been declared free of bird flue since September 2008 and ever since there had been a growth of 13pc/annum in the poultry industry of Pakistan.

He also illuminated the Saudi delegation on the successful ‘National Programme for the Control and Prevention of Avian Influenza’ was launched at a cost of Rs1,180.14 million for control of bird flu virus in the country.




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