Published On: Fri, Jan 5th, 2018

Record Tobacco Export in 2017 by Philip Morris Pakistan


Record Tobacco Export

Best exporter in 2016, followed by unprecedented performance, sustainable growth of product and competitive cost; Philip Morris Limited of Pakistan has once again retained the feat of Record Tobacco Export.

With an increase of four hundred percent compared to previous year, it has exported nearly 7.3 million kilograms of Tobacco in 2017. With total exports standing at 8.7million Kg’s it has the lions share.

This company has improved the outlook for Pakistan’s economy and also performed outstanding within the industry as well. Mostly the tobacco export goes to other Asian countries, Europe and Africa.

There are certain issues, which if duly addressed can boost the exports of this sector. Record Tobacco Export of Philip Morris has added $18 million into our earning bucket and ultimately managed to shift some burden from $12billion trade deficit, recorded in the previous quarter.

The sustainable growth approach of Philip Morris involves high-quality hybrid seeds for farmers, efficient machinery, proper use of fertilizers, with the limitation on the use of pesticides and reduction in utilization of wood to serve as fuel to increase farmers income. They also have executed projects that are environmentally friendly to defuse effects of negative externalities.

According to Managing director Philip Morris, Alexander Reisch we want to contribute positively to Pakistan’s economy and our sustainable tobacco production program, STP will be implemented in full spirit to facilitate farmers. We have established buying stations for crops. And besides steps for enhancing farming and crop buying process, we are also determined to alleviate child labor from this sector with better opportunities.

It was also said that Philip Morris Pakistan wants to uplift the tobacco sector and contribute significantly to the economy overall. They are committed to providing better quality at best competitive price.

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