Published On: Tue, Jan 10th, 2017

Pakistan’s first PSO diesel cargo of high quality finally arrives


pso diesel cargo

The first PSO diesel cargo consignment from Kuwait has just arrived in Pakistan. This is the first consignment such that it has improved-quality diesel that meets Euro-II emission standards.

The Federal Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi says that environmental-pollution-causing Sulphur content is 95% lower in this fuel. Thus, this is much better than the old quality being sold since decades in Pakistan. The first PSO diesel cargo arrived on Friday having tested 250 parts per million (ppm) Sulphur content. A new standard has been set by the government for maximum 500 ppm Sulphur content in new diesel. This was 5,000 ppm previously that is now phased out.

The standards

Hence, all diesel imports from any oil marketing company shall have Euro-II without any price increment. High-speed diesel is a regulated product whose prices are reviewed by the petroleum ministry each month. These are in line with the fluctuating market of the world. Pakistan’s current demand stands at 8.4 million tons per year (0.7 million per month) according to industry officials. PSO is the market leader in fuel oil supplies with a 47.3% share in diesel sales.

Hence, PSO confirms that the first PSO diesel cargo carrying 55,000 tons of low-sulphur diesel from Kuwait has been received. Thus, the new diesel shall be available in a couple of days though a date for formal launch is awaited. Meanwhile, it takes about 2-3 days for fuel to be transported to oil filling stations from the port. Moreover, there shall be another vessel with 55,000 tons coming the next week.

Karachi-based refineries are producing diesel with 10,000 ppm while 500 ppm has been adopted by many other countries too. Many Japanese automakers have already given Euro-II engine passenger cars in Pakistan. Thus, this new diesel will improve the pollution levels and bring about higher emission standards. The diesel is also used in major electricity projects when hydroelectric power production is lower. This happens in winter due to lower water flow in dams.

Better quality diesel has started being imported just two months after oil marketing companies introduced higher-grade (RON-90-95) petrol. Thus, Pakistan is surely increasing its focus on better quality and less polluted environment finally now.

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