Published On: Tue, Dec 24th, 2013

Pakistan To Host APICTA 2014

Corporate News (Pakistan news) APICTA

Corporate News (Pakistan news)

In the 2013 Gala dinner and award distribution of APICTA in Hong Honk it was decided that the Asia Pacific ICT Awards (APICTA) will take place in Pakistan next year. The Immediate Past Chairman of P@SHA, Mr. Naseer A. Akhtar (CEO, InfoTech Pvt. Ltd.) was awarded with the official plaque to host the APICTA 2014 in Pakistan in the exclusive event that took place in Honk Kong.

The bid was won by the Pakistani delegation that visited Taiwan in April 2013 and presented their strong case in front of a panel.

Chairman of P@SHA Salim Ghauri looked committed to make the upcoming event a success by living up to the high standards set by Honk Kong this year. He also applauded Mr. Naseer A Akhtar who led the delegation to Taiwan.

Jehan Ara President of P@SHA, who was also a part of the delegation was pleased over this win and told everyone how excited the 1200 delegates were to attend the 2014 event in Pakistan after they looked at a short video which showed the beauty, infrastructure, people, technologists and the culture of the country.

Hosting APICTA 2014 will be a great opportunity for Pakistan to prove that it is safe enough to host international events in the country as it does not have a good reputation of doing so in the past. Pakistan will also look forward to cash this event to attract new businesses and investments.

Pakistan has been a keen participant of the APICTA and has also grabbed the attention of international delegates by winning 4 Silver Awards at APICTA 2013 in E-Learning, Research & Development, E-Health and Start-up categories.

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