Published On: Tue, Aug 8th, 2017

PIA and Shaheen Bring New Aircrafts in Pakistan


New Aircrafts in PakistanTwo Pakistan-based airlines, PIA and Shaheen inducted new aircrafts in Pakistan, in their fleets in order to expand their operations to new destinations with the industry’s annual growth of 8-10%.

The Pakistani state-owned Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has included a long-range, wide body and twin-engine jet Boeing 777-300 into its fleet. It can accommodate 400 passengers.

Shaheen Air International (SAI), claims to be the largest private airline in Pakistan. It has inducted a short-to medium range, narrow-body and twin-engine jet A319 with a capacity for 150 passengers.

The two airlines will be earning significant revenues with the addition of these two new aircrafts in Pakistan. These are fuel-efficient and have been added to the fleets at a time when oil prices continue to make lowest records.

PIA spokesperson Mashood Tajwar said that the latest induction had increased the fleet strength to 32 aircraft and the national carrier will soon begin its flights to Najaf in Iraq.

He said Pakistan’s aviation industry was booming at an average growth of 8-10% per annum, which was more than double the 3.5-4% growth in the global aviation industry.

PIA attracted one million passengers last year, while operating 120-130 flights a day – majority via international routes.

He added that PIA has planned to increase its fleet strength to 50 jets by 2020.

He said that airline would do it at the availability of cash-strapped airline’s disposal and depending on the requirements of planes, it will be then only that PIA would increase their fleet size.

The airline, which has kept changing its business plan to turn profitable, will operate the long-haul aircraft mostly on international routes. The latest Boeing 777 would fly to London only.

The aircraft, however, made its first flight (PK308) from Karachi to Islamabad on Friday evening, carrying 300 passengers.

A high official of the airline recently said PIA continued to fly on loss-making routes to Europe and the US.

Under the new plan, it might cut the number of flights on loss-making international routes.

Under the new strategy, PIA may transport passengers from different parts of the country to one airport (eg Karachi) and take them to their next international destination.

PIA’s accumulated losses ballooned 7.3% to Rs282.20 billion in six months ended June 30, 2016.

Shaheen Air

This is the sixth A319 jet that the airline has inducted into its fleet in the past eight months. It is scheduled to receive one more jet of the same make and model in the next couple of months, SAI Chief Marketing Officer Zohaib Hassan said.

The sixth Airbus A319 will make SIA expand its local and international routes, while providing passengers the highest standards of service and reliability.

SIA is constantly looking to expand their fleet size as they’ve set their sights on new local and international destinations.

The latest induction of new aircrafts in Pakistan has now left the airline with operating 27 planes. An industry expert said Pakistan was a large market for the aviation industry with its population size estimated at around 200 million.

With the huge notable size of the aviation market, Pakistan-based airlines are still operating with less than 100 aircraft in total and there is still a supply deficit in air traffic which may be met through the launch of new airlines.

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