Published On: Tue, Dec 31st, 2013

Modernising livestock business

Corporate News (Pakistan News) LIVESTOCK

Corporate News (Pakistan News)

Serious efforts are being put in by the provincial governments of Sindh and Punjab to enliven the livestock sector through the plans announced in the FY14 budgets. The government of Balochistan is also showing keen interest in keeping up with the pace of the governments of the other two provinces. However due to the stubborn militancy in the KPK province, a delay has been seen in such projects.

After the provinces were granted autonomy during the reign of PPPP, provinces have started seeking foreign aid to uplift several plans. The increased share in federal revenue divisible pool, is also propelling provincial plans for development of their agro-economy.

According to a Sindh government official, Sindh and Punjab have great potential in the livestock and dairy sector and can also serve different people by creating new jobs for people who are now facing a serious threat after automation in different industries.

Foundations of this new project have already been laid down and if everything goes well this huge project would be launched at the end of the fiscal year.  Spread over 1300 acres of land, the project aims at setting up modern slaughter houses to supply thousands of tonnes of processed meat both to domestic as well as foreign markets.

A similar project has already succeeded in influencing the province of Punjab. Under this project, which is sponsored by the USAID, many farmers have learnt the art to manage large commercial dairy farms. 7600 dairy farmers received specialized training, which in turn increased the milk productivity by 19 percent. These projects have created opportunities for locals to expand their small-scale businesses and achieve great success.

The second international camel conference took place to allure experts and businessmen from Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and UAE to partner with the Punjab government to promote camel breeding in the Cholistan desert near Bahawalpur.

Another provincial budget announced for this fiscal year includes the commercial leasing of animal farms for cattle owners of Bahawalpur and surrounding areas, which enables more productivity and fewer fatalities among animals.

According to a report a rise in income levels of rural areas has been witnessed over the last five years, which has attracted private sector players to livestock development projects. This has led to the establishment of more cattle farms, hence increasing milk productivity. This is the reason why so many new companies have entered the milk industry in the last five years.

The new government of Balochistan has also allocated 32 percent more funds for the purpose of boosting the livestock sector as the province is a home of 30 percent of entire livestock of the Pakistan. According to government officials new markets are being formed in different areas such as Zhob, Khuzdar, Turbat, Jafferabad and Qila.

Officials are of the view that return of near-normalcy in provincial law and order and installation of newly-elected district governments within days have encouraged them to start pursuing some essential projects like establishment of Balochistan Livestock Services Company and Balochistan Livestock Marketing Company.

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