Published On: Fri, Jan 24th, 2014

Jim Predicted Pakistan To Become 18th Largest Economy By 2050

Corporate News (Pakistan News) Jim

Corporate News (Pakistan News)

According to an economist, Jim O’Neill Pakistan will become the world’s 18th largest economy by 2050 with a GDP escalating to US$ 3.33 trillion. Pakistan’s current GDP is US$ 225.14 billion, which places the country at 44 in the list of the world’s largest economies. If Jim O’Neill’s prediction proves to be correct Pakistan’s economy would grow by 15 times at what it is right now in the next 35 years.

The economist made another interesting analysis in which he predicted Brazil, Russia, India and China to be the future powerhouses of economy. On the other hand O’Neill found Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey as emerging economic giants.

 With reference to wealth, Mexico and Turkey are at about the same level, earning annually about $10,000 per head. This compares with $3,500 per head in Indonesia and $1,500 per head in Nigeria, which is on a par with India. They are a bit behind Russia – $14,000 per head – and Brazil on $11,300, but still a bit ahead of China – $6,000 (£3,600).


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