Published On: Fri, Dec 15th, 2017

Europe’s Leading Brand BOSCH Unveils First Store in Lahore



BOSCH, one of Europe’s top leading brand specializes in full-range of home appliances. Since, 1886 this emblem of quality, performance and durability has satisfied the needs of its customers. With advance research and latest technology, productivity and efficiency is the core of their business.

Recent developments in Pakistan have attracted international attention. Wide array of quality products are being imported and exported in bilateral trade. With low inflation digits and room for enormous economic growth has paved way for many brands focusing to grasp the opportunity.

Population growth of Pakistan is increasing 2% annually and is marked as the sixth most populous country with the highest percentage of young people. It is estimated that, affluent community will witness 6% growth rise on yearly basis. This again, illustrates the growing demand for luxury and high end products endorsing affluent life style.

Bosch CEO Tomas Alonsa said  that preferring Pakistan as another product destination, revealed their intention to serve as Pakistan’s best home appliance brand. The German giant considers Pakistan a huge platform for projecting brand via trade and business.

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Bosch has recently unveiled its first store in Lahore, with the collaboration of  a local partner, mega home appliances. It was part of a long-term strategy to initiate and expand our sales, distribution and retail business in Pakistan. Managing Director of Mega Home Appliances said that our people know that German products are very durable. All means of cutting edge technology are inculcated in their designs making them efficient as well. Due to looming electric shortage in country, we prefer energy efficient products and this is what Bosch delivers with fine quality.

Bosch offers all  kind of up-to-date and modern household appliances like dishwashers, dryers, extractor hoods, ovens, stoves, washers, refrigerators, freezers, vacuum cleaners, irons, coffee machines, electric kettles etc. With their innovation and reliable product portfolio, they are expecting to significantly gain from increasing their T/O on yearly basis.

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