Published On: Fri, Jan 17th, 2014

Engineering design of Kalabagh dam completed

Corporate News (Pakistan News) kalabagh dam

Corporate News (Pakistan News)

Water and power development autrhority (wapda) official on wednesday 15th announced that after taking in view the concerns showed by different provincial governments, a very comprehensive engineering design of kalabagh dam has been completed. However, official said brining all the provinces on a common point was not a painless task that has been accomplished.

Thermal plants power cost per unit is 16 whereas the hydro plants produce electricity as cheap as 2.5-4 rs per unit. “kALAbagh dam would provide sufficient and cheap electricity” as one official said. The dam would provide 3600 MW of electrivity and will save rs4 billion on the pocket of government excluding the 30% line losses.

Apart from the need for dams to overcome the energy crisis, another major reason for these dams to be built is to save the country from water crisis, which may arise to great heights if no action is taken. Nearly rs132 billion is lost because of lack of dams due to which water is being wasted into the sea rather than being preserved.  Official further added “the recent floods in Pakistan caused more than $45 billion loss which could have been averted if big dams were operational”.

The Kalabagh dam site is 26km North of Jinnah Barrage and 210km south of tarbela dam located on river indus.

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