Published On: Wed, Dec 18th, 2013

Akbar Khan Moves to Etisalat as Group Head of Brands

Corporate News (Pakistan News) Etisalat

Corporate News (Pakistan News)

Pakistani souls are gifted with almost every quality demanded by every profession of the world . These talented souls have recently been appreciated by Global and regional markets for their outstanding and hardworking performances. One such example is the current Chief Marketing Officer of Ufone, Akbar Khan who has achieved an incredible feat and provided every reason for every Pakistani to be proud of.

Mr. Khan’s outstanding and brilliant performance in Ufone was applauded by the parent company Etisalat by offering Mr. Khan a job as their Group Head of Brands. Khan showed no hesitation in accepting the offer, realizing the huge opportunity that the telecommunication giants had laid before him. He will move to the UAE to head their brand operations. This achievement is no joke as Etisalat has a history of employing preferably from the United States or the United Kingdom for their top positions and khan was preferred over other foreigners for this prestigious slot.

Mr. Akbar khan in every way fulfilled the criteria for this high position with an experience of more than 14 years in well-reputed telecom brands such as Millicom, Orascom and Etisalat. He proved to be the major difference in the success of Ufone in the last decade, which was recognized by the parent company Etisalat. Khan has had a proven track record of achieving impressive results in intensely competitive multi- operator-multi SIM environments. He is the man behind a $700 million plus annual revenue, 23 million customers, 20% contribution from Value Added Services, optimisation and efficiency of multi-million USD budgets.  These numbers are testament to his incredible talent and achievements that are second to none.

Khan’s escalation from Ufone to Etisalat is a source of motivation for all young Pakistanis who dream to think big and aim high in life through devotion, relentless work and sheer dedication.

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