Published On: Tue, Feb 6th, 2018

World’s Largest Virtual Power Plant in Australia


 Virtual Power Plant

The Australian government is quite keenly engaged in investing into renewable sources of electricity production and after achieving the feat of making the world’s largest battery in a project undertaken by Elon Musk, in which he vowed to provide 30,000 homes with a sustainable source of energy. Now, the state government in the recent development has announced that it will give 50,000 homes solar panels and Tesla batteries in South Australia. This initiative will be a hallmark again in turning homes into an interconnected source of power production and also will be the largest Virtual Power Plant. The natural disaster that occurred back in 2016 and caused the blackout across the state has urged the masses to turn their potency toward renewable sources of energy.

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The solar panels will be connected to rechargeable batteries and will be given free of cost, the electricity generated by this Virtual Power Plant in surplus will be used to finance this project. This project a unique of its kind will use local residences as the mean to harness power from renewable sources and in return, they will reap the benefits of small liabilities in their electricity bills.

In the pilot phase around 1100 housed will be provided 5kW solar panels and Tesla battery and later this will be supplied to additional 24,000 houses until the project is available to all the masses of South Australia in coming 4 years.

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