Published On: Mon, Oct 17th, 2016

Samsung Note 7 ban reaches all US flights


samsung note 7 ban

While the news for the fire incident of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 took all the glam away from the launch of the new phone. It also leads to the stopping of its production. The Samsung Note 7 ban is truly the biggest IT news of all time there is to contemplate on. The best alternatives are being devised now that the phones have been asked to be given back.

Even the repair couldn’t stop the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from catching fire as Samsung took the words too literally. Well it has also lead to US officials for the Samsung Note 7 ban to occur for flights. The fire catching incidents have been surely way more than alarming. They not only have caught fire while charging but women also saw their handbags throwing out smoke while their new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 caught fire and started fuming smoke all the way.

There is also one guy who has who has actually lost his mobility thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. While there is no one else but the tech giant Samsung to blame, for they could simply not make a fire free device this season! Nothing happens to Samsung while the guy would surely receive the amount he has sued on the company.

The recent ban

In order to prevent any future mishaps, the US bans all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smart phones on its airplanes. They have even issued warnings saying that anyone attempting to travel with these recalled handsets would have serious fines imposed over them while the devices would be confiscated too.

While all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smart phones as well as replacements have been recalled, the mystery for exploding of batteries and fire has still not been resolved. The fact that lies currently is this that it is unclear how many consumers have continued using the phones. Even though many warnings have been given to them despite recalls, there are many who are still using them. They just do not pay any heed to the safety officials at all.

The US Transporation Secretary Anthony Foxx has reported that the Samsung Note 7 ban will be imposed Saturday, 1600 GMT. All passengers will be prohibited to carry the Note 7 on planes through hand or even in their luggage. This shall be applied to both international as well as domestic flights too.

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