Published On: Fri, Nov 10th, 2017

China is Buying 300 Boeing Planes from America


China is buying 300 boeing planesChina is buying 300 Boeing planes from the US aerospace giant Boeing priced over $37 billion. This deal is part of the multi-billion dollar bundle of deals announced during President Donald Trump’s visit to Beijing.

President Trump who in his election campaign said China is a currency manipulator and is one of the reasons for downfall of USA’s economy. He also emphasized on the point that relations will be different under his administration.

However, the recent Asia’s trip of Mr. Trump Donald seemed to have changed his mind and his campaign against China only seems to be a rhetoric. The reason maybe the economies are intricately related and it is not easy to go without trading with each other.

The deal for  to buy the single-aisle and twin-aisle aircraft was among the more than $250 billion in agreements announced at a ceremony attended by Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping. It was also confirmed that China is buying 300 Boeing planes from the US.

A Boeing announcement said the agreement includes “orders and commitments” to buy the aircraft, however, it did not give further details.

The relations between China and the US seems to be improving, let’s see what the future holds for the two largest economies of the world.

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