Published On: Tue, Apr 4th, 2017

Zong 4G Users Crosses 3 Million Mark


Zong 4G UsersThe number of 3G and 4G users in Pakistan reached 38.962 million by the end of February 2017 against 38.269 million by January 2017, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) documents have revealed. And according to the documents Zong has crossed 3 million mark and now ZONG 4G users are above that.

Overall mobile phone users in Pakistan reached 137.791 million by end of February 2017 from 137.095 million by end of January, which registered an increase of around 0.696 million during the period under review.

According to the PTA documents available, the number of mobile users on Jazz reached 51.876 million by end February 2017, as compared to 51.534 million by end of January 2017.

Mobilink had a subscriber base of 41.253 million by end December 2016 while Warid had 10.27 million.

Zong and Telenor subscribers reached 27.706 million and 39.752 million by end February 2017 as compared to 27.496 million and 39.586 million by end of February respectively. Ufone subscribers continue to decline for last few months as by end February subscribers decreased to 18.456 million from 18.478 by end January 2017.

3G Users

For 3G users, Jazz is leading the race with over 12 million 3G users, followed by Telenor with 10.3 million 3G users.

Ufone is consistently on decline for 3G users or otherwise usual mobile subscriptions. It lost couple of hundred 3G subscribers to settle February 2017 with 4.8 million 3G users.

4G Users

As per PTA report Jazz 4G subscribers reached 735,068 by end February 2017. The number of 4G (Zong) users jumped from 2,855,336 subscribers during January 2017 to 3,111,307 subscribers by end of February 2017.

Zong tripled its 4G subscribers in six months and crossed 3 million mark for 4G subscribers, up from just 789,824 4G users six months ago. Zong sits strongly as largest 4G player with more than 75% marketshare and is adding notable new subscriptions every month.

Zong’s strong foothold in 4G is primarily built on 4G Dongles and MiFi devices that consumers are increasingly using as mobile internet or at times their primary internet connection.

Teledensity for cellular mobile reached 71.81% and broadband subscribers reached 41,452,262 by end February as compared to 40,759,521 by end January 2017.

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