Published On: Mon, Dec 12th, 2016

Zong 4G Express Bus is the new 4G lifestyle in Pakistan


zong 4g express bus

The Zong 4G express bus is the latest addition by Zong to innovate on-the-go customer experiences for customers. This is through their mobile 4G buses that they have launched all over the nation.

The Zong 4G express buses have 3D screens, automated selfie-booths, internet kiosks, drum squad, and all enabled 4G Zong internet. Thus, the Zong 4G express bus shall enable people to experience Zong 4G and also adopt a 4G lifestyle. This is also just the first step towards Zong’s complete 4G eco system implementation in Pakistan.

The campaign

Zong is also encouraging people to use 4G by offering the most affordable data bundles in Pakistan. It is also creating awareness of its products and services this way too. Zong is the largest 4G operator in Pakistan as it is spread over 200 cities having more than 1.9million 4G subscribers.

zong 4g express bus 2

This way the ‘new dream’ that it promised is yet again seen through establishment of a completely 4G owned lifestyle. It is because the Zong 4G express bus shall teach you all the same.

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