Published On: Wed, Jul 27th, 2016

The Sega mega drive consoles are here as $65 variants


sega mega drive consoles

The announcement of the $59 mini Nintendo might have taken all the limelight last week, but this week Sega has turned the flashlight towards itself with the announcement of the Sega Mega Drive that is just another remake in the tech industry which has about as many as 80 games to enjoy right at hand.

sega mega drive consoles

The games along with two wireless gaming consoles are the whole package for you to connect to your TV or any screen through an HDMI port and enjoy away. Sega has made sure that it has incorporated everything it can into the mini version of it without losing any of its signature charms since it might not look like a big Mega Drive but has the thing about it through the At Games in China which is the ultimate Sega Mega classic gaming console launched to celebrate the 25th birthday of Sonic.

sega mega drive consoles

It has been known that a new handheld device is also being released which has rechargeable battery while the 3.2-inch screen device also has 80 games included in it for up to ten additional ROM support via the SD card. The games include many like the Ecco, Fatal Labyrinth, Crack Down, Alien Storm, Bonanza Bros and 75 others as well.

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