Published On: Thu, Jan 5th, 2017

Telenor customer center shuts announced by Telenor Pakistan


telenor customer center shuts

Telenor customer center shuts have been announced by Telenor Pakistan, which a telecom giant in the country. It is the second largest mobile phone provider too but has announced Telenor customer center shuts for all 17 locations.

With the shut down of the 17 company-owned sales and customer centers a lot of staff is now jobless. Customers shall now be served through 289 technological advanced franchises across Pakistan. Thus, they shall be divested from January 2017. They added in the handout that the dynamics of the industry are changing with the demands. So it is possible to serve them in better and far more efficient ways than before through other means. This statement they say is in line with their long-term goals for empowering customers.

The incentives for staff

However, the company’s S&SC staff has been offered Voluntary Severance Scheme (VSS). A payout of up to 7 gross salaries (current payments) with medical allowances and annual 2.25 salaries increase are offered. The scheme is for employees eligible under this policy. Telenor has a 38.47 million customer base and is aimed at transforming their experiences. They have decided to serve all customers through a robust alternate customer servicing channel. Thus, there shall be 289 walk-in centers in selected locations in Pakistan.

Thus, it’s been two years since Telenor Pakistan is evolving conventional retail models for the best customer facilitation possible.

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