Published On: Mon, Oct 10th, 2016

Samsung says it is halting production of Galaxy 7


halting production of galaxy 7

It has just been a little more than a month since the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The high end handset had had a recall from its company to fix all fire catching problems. However, it was just the end of the weekend after that that the malfunctioning came about. Samsung has now reported to suspend the production of the Galaxy note 7 completely.

The announcements took place by AT& T-Mobile. It relates to halting production of Galaxy 7. According to Korean News Agency, the company will follows suit. The halting production of Galaxy 7 is still temporary. This was assured by an anonymous statement given by an official supplier for Samsung.

The Samsung Vietnam plant is responsible for global shipments of this high end smart phone. They have reached out to Samsung and will soon have an update according to it upon hearing back. The weekend was already busy for Samsung’s media department. They have issued many statements for user replaced handsets that have also malfunctioned.

The cases after replacement

It was on Thursday that the first case came up as smoke begun rising in a Southwest airplane parked at the gate before taking off. The company says that they are moving fast to report investigate the reported case. It is also today that many other stories having a number of malfunctions have also surfaced. They add that they are working with the related authorities diligently. Even third party experts will share the findings once the investigation is complete.

The recent incidents have also brought the attention of US Consumer Product Safety to look into the matter. Samsung says that it is working closely with them too.

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