Published On: Tue, Mar 22nd, 2016

Samsung S7 Edge breaking records!


Samsung S7 Edge breaking records

Only a few weeks into the launch and the new Samsung S7 Edge is already breaking all records! The new S7 series are no doubt backed up by the hype created have gone beyond far expectations.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that was launched on 11th March 2016 is being sold too much especially in the eastern markets.

The devices aren’t still even available in China, but the pre-orders have shown that even before the first shipment is made to China, another ten million orders would have already been made!

The deal to get a Samsung Gear VR free of cost with the phone in India has raised up many millions there too.

This shows that Samsung has already been very tactful while promoting its VR equipments side by side as well. Hence this way even the VR is gaining besides the Edge.

Europe also has pre-orders for the simple as well as Edge series which have crossed those made last year for the S6 by more than 250 percent. Not to forget that the orders made last year were over 20 million already.

According to analysts, the company has become so successful because of the after sales support as well as the desired needs being met at appropriate costs.

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