Published On: Mon, Aug 28th, 2017

iPhone 8s 3D Facial Recognition will take only “millionth of a second”


iPhone 8s 3D Facial RecognitionApple’s coming with an anniversary edition iPhone this year and it’s just a few months away from its release now. The iPhone 8s is expected to come with new and exciting features – a much talked about feature nowadays – iPhone 8s 3D facial recognition.

The predominant feature of unlock using face recognition is not new but Apple took the idea of its competitors and have now perfected it.

This feature is an iPhone’s crown jewel, being the most innovative feature introduced ever. Aforementioned, the facial recognition feature is not new, what’s new in the iPhone is the 8’s 3D facial recognition, the ability to recognize and unlock in millionths of a second.

The rumors of the Apple’s face recognition had been making rounds since long and finally confirmed when an iPhone code was leaked online.

Similar features, when introduced previously have had some unpleasant and imperfect experiences so the perfection of the technology would still have to be tested.

According to a new reports, the new feature will be efficient and accurate, along with being incredibly fast in recognizing its owner’s face.

The iPhone 8 is also expected to come with an infrared sensor which will make it recognize face even in the dark. This means user will be able to unlock their phone in the dark too. The phone will also be able to assess the face while it’s on the table and not even in your hand.

This added feature will become a unique selling point for iPhone 8. Apple is also going to focus on other updates like improved screen technology.

This feature became a requirement because of the bezel-less design of the phone. iPhone 8 will have a very thin bezel at the bottom of the phone – leaving no space for TouchID fingerprint sensors which previous iPhones had.

It will be interesting to watch how Apple decides to market this product. Also, the name of this product is yet to be decided.

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