Published On: Tue, Dec 27th, 2016

Errors made PTCL go offline besides Ufone’s affected network


ptcl go offline

There had been early reports that some errors have made ptcl go offline in some parts of the country. Moreover, cellular network Ufone also remained down alongside this Monday evening for hours.

Thus, services for both PTCL and Ufone went down in parts of Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, as well as other cities.  The black-haul cable was known to be affected that caused the issue. Besides, some users reported that they had gotten early automated PTCL calls that informed them of upgradation activity on Monday.

Hence, PTCL landline remained offline in some parts while DSL and Ufone (cellular and 3G) went offline all over Pakistan. The exact areas weren’t identified though. Many websites have also reported 50% less traffic due to the same too.

The first unconfirmed report came from Twitter informing that some work led to Fiber Cable being cut in Karachi. Thus, the wide shut down was apparent as both confirmed their way to get the information for the incident. The news is still developing till now.

Restoration updates

Just a little later PTCL confirmed the services’ impact and their restoration efforts. They said that they were facing a major setback in their network due to which the network was impacted. They added that the teams were working to restore the issue while they also apologized for it.

Just a while back PTCL services were restored at 8:02 PM. Both PTCL and Ufone have also confirmed the restoration. According to industry experts this could be a core-routing hubs issue of PTCL. It is because most fiber cables are laid in such a way that the connectivity across big cities is redundant. Also, the cut should have caused the entire network to go off but only DSL was affected. Hence, the reasons are still under speculation by many.

In the same way calls were affected in only some areas for Ufone while SMS and 3G remained affected overall. All of this indicates that there could be a problem with the configuration and not physical media. While PTCL is still looking for the real reasons, not much can be said. It has been just said that cut was in places including Hub and Karachi.

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