Published On: Tue, Jul 4th, 2017

First in Asia to Adapt 5G Internet Technology in Pakistan


5G Internet Technology in PakistanPakistan’s Minister of State for Information Technology and Telecommunication, Anusha Rahman said that in a step towards leading and adapting latest technology, testing 5G internet technology in Pakistan will make us the first country in Asia to be testing 5G.

Addressing a press conference on Monday, she said that the government would begin preparations for introducing the 5G by 2021. She claimed that Pakistani would be the first in Asian countries to be adopting 5G internet technology in Pakistan.

A ministry spokesperson informed that the 4G spectrum license was sold at $295 million and after getting 10 per cent advance tax by the bidder, the total amount of $330 million of the auction had been deposited in the national kitty.

Over the time span of 4 years, the number of broadband users in Pakistan has increased drastically from 3.7 million to 44 million. Now with escalation towards 5G networks, there would be potential for reshaping entire industries and rethink the critical national infrastructures of the cities as well.

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